Digital Fulfillment

E-commerce logistics B2C / B2B

Specialized in e-commerce logistics, fullfilment and customer service, Smyb is able to provide services for large and small businesses. Smyb offers a large range of logistical solutions in field B2C and B2B, which has exponential growth rates from year yo year.

This success is due to the increment in online purchases (mainly from mobile), the development of new payment and shipping services and the entry of new big players into the market.

The solutions of e-commerce B2B/B2C concern commercial transactions between private and companies, suppliers or professional customers located in different points of the production chain.

Elettronic commerce B2C/B2B represents an advantageous development opportunity able to add to potential sales opportunities. An advanced logistics system allows the company to extend its scope within the territory without have to invest in new sales points or human resources.

By allowing companies to consult you online catalogue and easily proceed to order, you will save time and resources necessary for sales assistance, and also presenting yourself as a reliable and evolved company.

Smyb provides professional management of logistical flows and fulfillment. We offer national and international shipments for e-commerce by postal services, express couriers or shipping services half trucks, aircraft, mobile or railway companies.

On request, marking payment services, full risk insurance, text messages, e-mails, deliveries on appointment, deliveries to plans, facade, etc. We provide goods storage services by ensuring quantity and quality in and out. We also keep goods in pallet and shelves.

We’re on it in pickup & pack, a system which allows the delivery of complex orders to be carried out, where special packaging work or delivery specificities are required.

Orders are developed by innovative computer scanners and technologies, able to ensure precision and punctuality.

We pack goods of various types and sectors, including specific services like custom packaging, in serial production, with gift wrappers, silk paper, gift tickets, etc. We run the track & trace of goods (i.e. the goods monitoring system) with import/export declarations and customs management.

We ensure the precise management of national and international returns, by accurate checks, reporting and subsequent recondition of packaging.

Supply chain

What does supply chain management mean? SCM means the management of the distribution chain, which concerns several logistical
activities of companies with the aim of monitoring performance and improving its efficiency.

The production of a product depends on a set of factors which may influence in the timing of the implementation, such as the supply of raw materials and the various factors relating to manufacture.

The supply chain does not only concern the internal organization of the company, but it is also about the coordination with suppliers and subcontractors. Supply chain management tools are about methods able to to improve and automate supply, minimize stocks and delivery times. It’s also called “continuous flow” for the purpose of achieve a balanced production line, with minimum waste, low costs and optimal timing.

Continuous flow” means a type of working where each stage completes its work just before the next process, step by step.

Logistics organization’s activities include a systematic product listing and a strategic coordination of the various members in the distribution chain.

These tools also allow traceability of the various elements, i.e. the path of the packs between the different logistics chain steps.

With a good supply chain’s organization, production chain’s steps are managed to coordinate uniformly all activities within the production chain (the different departments of the company) and outside (suppliers of materials, logistics and computer systems).

The efficacy of this system makes it possible to significantly increase the competitive advantage of the company by improving the service offered to the customer.


The fulfillment process is about all activity that begin when the client proceeds with the dispatch of the order. It includes product flows, such as handling and dispatch, with customer services and post-sale care.

The English term fulfillment order refers to the whole logistics process, from the selling product request to the final customer, including storage, processing and distribution activities to the final customer on a third-party basis (outsource logistics).

The purpose of a fulfillment provider is to ensure reliability and agility of the distribution chain of your company to manage appropriately supply and demand. The Order Fulfillment Process is progressively including increasingly advanced technologies in the handling and data collection departments.

Full outsourcing

Outsourcing indicates the outsourcing of some production process’s steps or support processes. Following the design and management steps of an e-commerce requires specific time and knowledge. In this case, it can be beneficial to start full outsourcing management. The full outsourcing solution is to entrust an external company with the management of many or all operations.

The services offered by SMYB are:

  • dispatch of goods worldwide with express and non-delivered couriers;
  • storage, Pick & Pack, commodity-setting, return management;
  • pre and post-sale assistance;
  • management of many specific and dedicated additional services for the most demanding customers.

The advantages of entrusting its own e-commerce B2C/B2B’s management to a team of experts are multiple: it allows to contain start-up costs by avoiding recruitment and training of new staff and investment in technologies.

SMYB is perfectly integrated with the most important e-commerce platforms, including: Woocommerce – Shopify – Magento – Prestashop.