A distribution network to reach the end-user.

SMYB has a widespread urban distribution network across Campania and Basilicata.

SMYB operates on behalf of national and international transport companies, carrying out distribution across Campania and Basilicata.

Our deep knowledge of the area and broad experience, consolidated over the years, are the reasons why companies entrust SMYB with the distribution of their goods. Our logistics platforms in the industrial areas of Salerno, Potenza and Avellino allow us to efficiently organise links with both production and distribution firms.

Every area is managed using a fleet of vehicles specially designed for all types of load. We use not only traditional trucks but also electric vehicles which allow SMYB to access historic centres and restricted traffic areas that would otherwise be off-limits. The distribution chain is constantly being monitored to ensure quality service and on-time delivery.

  • Guarantee
  • Assistence
  • Punctuality

These are the main pillars on which our business is built. Engaging us guarantees you safe, punctual transport across the nation.
Chose SMYB for distribution, logistics and goods handling free from weight limits!


As your business grows or customer demands change, your supply chain changes, too. Maybe it needs to be more responsive, efficient, or reengineered. Possibly, your freight flows need to be optimized to reduce cycle time. Or, you might need to evaluate warehouse layouts and productivity. We’ve seen all these situations, and more. Our supply chain Service help you work through the issues, develop a plan, and make changes.