SMYB offers an integrated logistics service

Are you a start-up or maybe an established company with warehousing issues? Do you have space to stock goods but problems in managing it? SMYB can help. Thanks to our 4 logistics and micrologistics platforms, we can satisfy the needs of clients who wish to outsource their distribution network.
These platforms are located in strategic areas and route-centres, allowing us to cover Southern Italy efficiently.

If you entrust us with your logistics, we can:

  • Ensure you have space to stock your goods, including semi-finished products.
  • Manage your warehouse with detailed checks on the goods entering and leaving the premises.
  • Provide packaging services to suit your needs.

More time, less expense. Here are the benefits:

  • Maximise use of warehouse space
  • Reduce warehouse costs
  • Direct online monitoring of goods

The workgroup specialising in logistics operations will manage supply flows for in-time delivery and taking account of the various types of goods to transport.

Specialist software permits constant monitoring of inventories. Your business will always be up to date on the movement of goods thanks to the reserved area on SMYB.it

Dedicated staff will prepare goods for delivery based on your needs, and will ensure they arrive at destination.
Distribution is guaranteed globally thanks to our numerous partnerships with national and international transport companies. The network created by SMYB over the years means we can always get your goods to where they need to go!

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