Fulfillment center: the future of logistics strategies

The quick switch from the traditional retail to an increasingly linked market involves a reorganization of the whole supply chain.

This requirement creates micro-fulfillment center, equipment stores that allow the preparation of a large number of orders autonomously to manage the evasion of e-commerce orders and speed up delivery stages.

The first important feature of micro – logistical platforms is the geographical location: bringing warehouses closer to final consumers is essential to shorten orders delivery times and to improve delivery of the last mile. The second feature is the strong presence of automation in storage and management activities.

But what are the benefits of Fulfillment?

The micro-fulfillment strategy gives greater speed in the delivery phases of orders and set up the centre for implementing a omnicanal strategy, but the benefits do not stop here. Here are others:

  • Faster deliveries: a mini hub located near the urban centre significantly reduces the time for deliveries for the last mile;
  • Optimization of the omnicanal strategy: logistical decentralization improves orders evasion and management of the omnicanal yield, making delivery and return of articles through different channels more fluid;
  • Reduction of transport costs and storage area: proximity to the final customer reduces transport costs.

Smyb offers a wide range of logistical solutions capable of meeting all the needs of the Warehousing & Fulfillment service.

Specifically, we offer national and international shipments for e-commerce through express postal services or couriers. We provide goods storage services by ensuring checks on both incoming and outgoing quantities and qualities. We are going to take stock in pallet seats and truck & pack service, which means that shipments of complex orders can be carried out, where special packaging work or delivery specificities are required. And so much more!