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Our large warehouses and a capillary network of couriers on the ground allows us to be the ideal partner for ecommerce and storage logistics for any business. Smyb will manage flows in a slim and transparent way, meeting every client’s demands, from the management of a small local storage to large storage.

Today, having an outsourcing warehouse, is a high-value competitive lever that allows costs to be reduced, ensuring rapid and flexible response times. This will help you ensure reliability and agility of the distribution chain of your company to manage properly supply and demand.

In addition to the clear savings in terms of fixed costs, Smyb will reduce operating costs and optimise stocks in storage, so that competitiveness on the market can increase. Logistics in outsource transforms a fixed cost into a proportionate variable in relation to assets.

Thanks to our qualified staff and to digitisation systems for the entire logistics chain, we can offer the best possible solution whatever your commodity sector is. Our pickup system allows us to organize and trace the most complex orders with the simplicity of a traditional shipment using innovative scanners and technology.

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