5 Things you need to know before you send Christmas presents

In Christmas days you meet to spend time together and exchange gifts. Not always people we love are close, so we must arrange to get our gift away. This year, cause Covid-19, Christmas will be devoted exclusively to family household, so it will be impossible have contact with friends and other family relatives. So it’s essential to rely on a competent and expert shipper who can help you to send a Christmas package to Italy and abroad.

You don’t know where to start?

Thanks to our guide, you’ll be able to arrange your Christmas shipments without stress, saving time and money through our services.

  1. Pick the gift

The first step is choosing the gift. It’s certainly the hardest step because for each person you have to choose a gift suitable for his taste, handling the budget you set. You can choose to buy ad online gift or in a physical shop, but by Smyb you can send also a Christmas food box. In fact, we deliver shipments in 24, 48 and 72 national and international hours, including in historical centers.

  1. Pick the packaging

Now you’ll have to choose the right packaging. It depends about what you’re sending and you’re gonna have to get a package that’s suitable to protect it during the ship. For more fragile objects like bottles and liquid containers, a specific packaging will be required, while less fragile objects will not require special arrangements. Contact us here if you want support for the packing step.

  1. Book your shipment

The third step is the simplest one! Contact us to book your shipment and our customer service will lead you to all the steps you have to be carried out. Smyb withdraws today to deliver tomorrow, offering custom made solutions as an express courier, a distribution service and an effective and timely withdrawal service.

  1. Check your shipment

You can get your Christmas presents delivered in 24/48 hours, making sure the package reaches the destination perfectly in time. Smyb lets you keep an eye about the shipment throughout the journey. Thanks to our track&trace system, you can check every day on the shipment, the place it is and the day it is delivered.

  1. Check the delivery from home

Smyb’s track & trace system allow not only to check the shipment during the journey, but also to verify that the delivery took place and that receiving the gift you sent is exactly you dear friend or your family member through the signature verification. This way you will not have to contact the recipient to ask for confirmation of the delivery, ruining the surprise.

You’re ready now. Trust Smyb, pick out the presents and book you shipment!

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