Cargo bike: the future of logistic?

Cargo bike deliveries have become very frequent on the streets of our cities. They are ideal for densely populated urban areas and allow everything to be delivered from take out to packages. The service is efficient mainly in historical centres, where big trucks cannot pass.

The advantages are clear: lower cost, no parking, no petrol tax, optimization of delivery time and, not least, no environmental impact. Smyb has always been particularly careful to develop sustainable logistics and distribution. In this context, we are implementing a genuine cycle logistics system starting to operate by cargo bike with loading capacity up to 300kg.

Smyb is becoming more and more green!

Cargo bike enriches our fleet, already made up by electric vehicles and vans. This guarantees us great flexibility, allowing us to access the ZTL but not only. From today we will also be able to deliver your packages directly to your home in the narrower streets of historical centres.

cargo bike smyb