Coronavirus and logistics, danger and opportunities

How emergency can reinvent the field

The health, first of all. The coronavirus terrifies especially for the conseguences about sicker people ‘ s  health. This most contagious flu,however, is having  heaviest conseguences also on the global economic system. Impacting in a heavy way  on food chains and on supply chain, the emergency obliges us  to change system. For some people crisis situation can be also kept like an opportunity , to came to supply chain ‘ s more modern and quicker models. We see how.

Coronavirus and logistics , how to continue

The food chains, the supply chains, are always  more complex and  interconnected  on global level. The globalisation, exactly, makes us more fragile because we are  more subjected to events and both global and local risk factors. Other recent examples, are the Brexit, the trading war of taxes Usa-China, natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. Which is the right way to adopt, then , to escape from this all? How can we solve  coronavirus and logistics problem? To grant  the “business continuity” it will be necessary:

  • Having a quick supply chain , with reaction ability rapidly to external events,
  • Having a Control Tower which can collect data from field in real time and take decisions both on short and on middle period,
  • Developing a supply chain risk management culture and ability,
  • Starting a continue monitoring process of possible risk events.

A global control Tower for the logistics

Corona virus and  logistics, how a global control Tower could  help? Meanwhile it will be possible to start alternative providers, to change fastly a production planning, moving productive activities from a factory to another one. Principal risks will can be identified , classified and managed. Risk events will be  valued according to the range of their impact on business and possibility of anticipating and forecasting the event itself . Not only , the continue monitoring  would allow  to reduce the impact . A  Supply Chain Control Tower has to be  projected to layout distributed on a lot of positions , with groups of experts who  have access  to the same data and can  work easily  also from  remote.  The creation of  Supply Chain Control Tower Global needs the development  of new abilities and new processes on the livel  not only of  single factory but  of  factories  and ecosystem network : it has organizative impacts and needs different skills and new professionalities. Finally, it needs the availability of an application platform which, adopting new technologies like IOT, cloud, big data, machine learning, can be able to  acquire data from field, analyzing them, showing them, supporting  the decisions.

Smyb ‘ s position

The conveyors  can’ t stop themselves. Their job is fundamental  to make that primary and necessary goods lead our daily routine. This is the reason why Smyb and its partner DHL don’ t stop themselves. Saving actual rules, SMY , like a further precaution, imposed by changing needs to protect common and public health, has indicated to store operastors to stop to the tractor drivers the incoming also temporary in the same ones. Also more attention, also more caution  and defense of common health but also of its own operators.

Coronavirus and logistics, the opportunities

The crisis started by coronavirus on the logistics sector can became an occasion. Factories in crisis periods have to reinvent themselves  to rielaborate their own supply chain model. This means developing a bigger sensibility to risk management, elaborating real control towers for the monitoring and comprehension of phenomena, and  developing  the smart working , today a possible and hoped reality.