Digital fulfillment: Smyb’S reply for efficient logistic

Are you a trader or have a store open to sales to the people? During the Covid 19 pandemic, did you understand the importance of selling your products online? You’re trying to make your online business better, but you need help?

The best strategy to have perfect synergy is about to logistical distribution and innovation. The full integration of all data on the various distribution and sales channels is possible to respond to the new challenges of online trade. It is necessary that all supply chain be digitised, and it is essential there is an IT infrastructure capable of making all information visible from distribution to sale.

Your sales are growing up and you can’t handle it all by yourself? With more orders to be sent, more customers to follow and more products to store, you’ll probably have to find a different solution.

Smyb can help you!

Give your post-sales business to a specialised outsourcer!

We specialize in e-commerce logistics, providing services for large and small companies. An advanced logistics system will allow your company to extend the scope of action in the territory without having to invest in new physical sales points or human resources.

Let’s see what we can do for you.

  • shipments of goods worldwide with express and non-delivered couriers;
  • management of many forms of payment combined with e-commerce;
  • storage, pickup & pack, commodity-setting;
  • pre-sale assistance;
  • management of many specific and dedicated additional services for the most demanding customers.

We will provide professional management of logistical flows and the fulfillment process, and also ensure that your goods are stored and stored in pallet and shelves places, ensuring quality controls and quantities both in and out.

We will also be dealing with the pick & pack system, which will allow us to carry out shipments of complex orders, where special packaging work or delivery specificities are required.

The advantages of entrusting the management of own e-commerce to a team of experts are multiple: you can contain start-up costs by avoiding recruitment and training of new staff and investment in technologies.