How to transfer wines: Smyb’s secrets for perfect transportation!

The sector of the transport of wines is very particular.

To transfer wines, in fact, it is necessary to take great care and study everything carefully to the smallest detail: from packaging to arrangement in a van.

From the vineyards to the bottle

The wine sector is very flourishing in Italy. This type of cultivation is very long-lived on our peninsula: the first vines date back hundreds of years before Christ. These plants had been imported directly from Greece, as evidenced by the names of some grape varieties still well known today: Greek and Aglianico (contraction of the word “Hellenic”).

Etruscans and Romans continued to cultivate this precious nectar, even exporting it to colonized regions.

In the Middle Ages, viticulture managed to survive thanks mainly to monks and monasteries: they, in fact, continued to cure and produce wine, with the main objective of using it for religious functions.

The following years saw the production of wine massively, rather than aimed at quality. The Tuscan and Piedmont vines immediately made an exception, which focused much more on quality. The Tuscans began to use the classic Chianti formula; the Piedmont, on the other hand, referred to French winemaking techniques.

In recent years, Italy has also seen regulations on the production of wines: now our wine is protected both for its typicality and for its quality.

Italy is the world’s leading wine producer, even ahead of France!

The precious nectar from the producer to the consumer

This precious nectar, so ancient and so important for our country, needs extreme care.

Starting from production, passing through transport and ending with the final consumer, wine is one of the products that needs more attention.

Carrying wines is the Smyb’s specialty!

At Smyb we have specialized over the years, becoming real experts in the transport of wines. Our knowledge of the area has led us to investigate this aspect: in fact, there are many companies operating in the beverage sector in Campania! We don’t only transport wines: we support companies operating in this sector in all phases of the supply chain:

  • Collection of crates
  • Storage of products
  • Transportation of loads
  • Delivery to the final consumer.

Smyb is in a position to offer a safe and punctual service, because we do not underestimate any of the passages of the transport of wines.

Over the years, at Smyb se have also managed to develop an ad hoc packaging for the safe transport of wines: our pack is both functional and aesthetically appealing, as well as customizable with the logo of the company that orders the transport from us.

Thanks to the study carried out to transport wines at their best, we managed to find the perfect balance to ensure that no bottles come out damaged after transport. Our packaging, in fact, are made of cardboard but have a solid architecture, ideal for protecting bottles during transport and for absorbing any accidental falls.

The partnership with “In Vino Civitas”

For several years Smyb has also been a partner of the “In Vino Civitas” event: we are supporting the event for the transport of wines from all over the peninsula, working with companies that join the event at all stages:

  • before the start of the event
    during the event
    at the end of the event

We always guarantee precision, punctuality and excellent condition of the products on delivery!

We go everywhere and we do it safely!