Integrated logistics and E-Commerce: why choose Smyb as a partner?

We are in the e-commerce era: during the pandemic period, many entrepreneurs successfully decided to switch to selling their goods online. In this context, the ever greater growth of online sales, new management problems arise: how to control the warehouse?

How to manage incoming order flows? How to check and be sure of the goods stored and what to be produced?

A key role in this case is entrusted to the partners to whom we entrust logistics and transport both to reduce management and rental costs and to be sure of having full control over all phases of warehouse management!

Thanks to the integrated logistics it is possible to be aware of each step and the efficiency and effectiveness of all the processes.

What is Integrated Logistics?

Integrated logistics means entrusting the management of the goods to a third party: from storage to inventory management, from order preparation to delivery to final consumers. All supported by computerized systems that allow the optimization of management costs and necessary resources!

In short, it is a real innovative and winning model to improve your warehouse and be able to optimize the flow of incoming, outgoing, returns and deliveries! With the increase of e-commerce and online stores, it has emerged the need, in many companies , to rely on partners for logistics management. The need to have an orderly and well-managed warehouse and the management of orders, deliveries, returns and the control of the flow of goods has become increasingly evident.

Many realities, especially the new e-commerce of small companies, have started to face various difficulties both in managing flows and in facing the costs of having a warehouse and managing it. That is where Smyb comes in and helps you: with us, your goods are in safe hands.

Why choose SMYB as your logistics partner for your e-commerce?

Smyb has a consolidated experience in integrated logistics management. For several years, our company has decided to focus on this service for companies, alongside the transport of goods and deliveries. Thanks to networked and centralized systems, we guarantee our client companies constant control over the entire supply chain, allowing you to always be aware of the conditions of the goods, the quantities present in the warehouse and the incoming and outgoing orders.

The benefit for companies? Have no worries, neither of running costs nor of the management itself!

Smyb has large spaces for storing goods, an already tested and structured supply chain for warehouse control and management and is a reliable and fast partner for deliveries to final consumers.