Integrated logistics: what are the advantages for companies

In the digital age of e-commerce and sales through new channels of communication it is essential to have excellent integrated logistics.

There are numerous companies that decide to entrust the logistics of their business to those who, like Smyb, also deal with the transport and delivery of goods.

What is integrated logistics? What are the advantages for companies? How can Smyb support companies?

What is integrated logistics?

When we talk about integrated logistics we mean a new approach to managing the phases that distinguish logistics.

It is important that there is a great relationship of trust and exchange between the company and the partner for integrated logistics. Only by collaborating on all the elements of the system chain it will be possible to have speed, safety and univocity of the work done.

Technology is a very valuable ally of integrated logistics: it allows you to keep all the elements, internal or external to the company, up to date in real time. In this way, it is possible to keep track of all the steps that a product takes before reaching the final consumer.

By relying on partner companies for logistics all this is even easier! No problems with storage, warehouse management, parcel tracking and shipment management! Furthermore, thanks to integrated logistics, it is possible to establish performance levels with respect to market benchmarks, company KPIs and the objectives that the company has set itself.

The practical help of integrated logistics for the company

Integrated logistics allows companies to have valuable support. In practice, all computerized and human systems communicate with each other to keep track of what is available for sale, the time required for production (if the products are not available in the warehouse) or, for example, to communicate the sale to the offices. Logistics also includes the technologization of the storage and transport of goods, keeping track of all products from the entrance to the exit, up to the delivery to the end customer.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the ability to monitor every data and track precisely the entire ecosystem in real time.

In this way, the company will be able to optimize production and distribution, foresee unexpected events during the supply chain and improve service and performance.

Smyb: our part

Our company has always been attentive to development and new technologies. This is why we decided to continue growing and improving our logistics service. Numerous companies have trusted us for this service over the years, obtaining both economic and practical benefits.

From the arrival of the goods in our warehouses to the delivery by the end customer, companies are supported and protected at 360 °.

With our integrated logistics we can:

  • Make sure you have a space for storing goods, both worked and semi-finished
  • Manage the warehouse with capillary control of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Give you the opportunity to have customized packaging according to your requests

The advantages for companies are therefore not having to worry about having large warehouses for storing the goods (and, consequently, reducing warehouse management costs) and being able to monitor the goods online in real time.

Smyb: your company’s ally!