The logistics sector in Italy: this stranger

Role of field

Confetra (General italian confederation of transports and logistic) asks itself about the role of logistics sector in Italy and about the place which has got in maps of the “new world “.  Logistic includes record numbers, it’ s second only to manufacturing for contribute to internal gross weight,  it’ s always more important, not only for economic development of Country but , with the explosion of e-commerce, in everyday life of everyone of us. But yet, to considerate it strategic and so prior for the investments, is just 10% of Italians. The lowest rating in absolute. Less of transport which arrives to 20%, very very far from three fields that place the podium, the tourism that spires to 64%, agricultural food to 53% and finally the fashion with its 33%. We try to understand the reason why by the help of Smyb.

What logistic is?

The word logistic derives from greek “logistikos”, which was to indicate that had a logic sense . In modern times , instead , the logistic has kept more complex meanings. Especially, Italian Association of Logistic writes : “Logistic is the whole of all those processes of organizing , managing and strategical type , inside to a factory , from the provision to final distribution of products “. It’s one of the most important components of productive cycle. It deals with in first place of provision of first materials and of their prices , of their stocking inside of  the store and of supply inside of  units. At the same time it deals with packing of products and of their transport trough distributive network. From its careful planning, in a strong competitive trend like contemporary one, can depend the enterprising success or unsuccess of a factory.

Some numbers

During its Agorà 2019, the annual assembly of Confetra which unites 20 field confederations and 80 territorial and regional organizations and sits at Cnel, has shown the numbers of logistics sector in Italy :

  1. 9% of internal gross weight (Pil );
  2. 108 thousand factories for sales figures of annual 85 mld euro;
  3. Investiments like to 6 mld;
  4. 800 thousand employers

Some italian records

The same society has done more: has asked to Ipsos to explore what is the perception that Italians have of logistic.  Well, the result is depriment. Beyond to not consider it strategic, the interviewed give of logistics sector in Italy a positive consideration among the lowest one in absolute – 51%with top fields between 70% e l’80% – and almost nobody has an idea of records -just one of ten people that our nation can proudly show. We lists some of them:

  • it’s the first country in Europe and the second in the world for seaside streets , ferryboats that transport camion e Tir;
  • the customs are second in the world for digitalization and for control times on products;
  • the field leads real estate investments, it means  9% of internal gross weight (Pil) against 18,8% of manufacturing;
  • the airport of Roma Fiumicino is the first in the world for service quality .

Future challenges

There is a basic need that is to realize the changes in progress and to be rapidly projected to the future. Smyb has means and abilities to inhabit a “new world ” and bring, in its small way,  the role of Italy in “future maps”. Entrust your shipments and logistics to Smyb we can offer a complete and fully traceable service. For every information don’t hesitate to contact us!