Smyb chooses the smart logistics!

Logistics is a continuing sector, mainly thanks to the consolidation of key computer tools to renew the entire supply chain chain.

With a look at the future, companies are investing in logistical management to anticipate changes in this sector, through a continuing transformation linked to the creation of new protocols, digitising where possible management of strategic resources.

Smyb, thanks to a continuing philosophy of enterprise that is increasingly sensitive to evolution and modernism, welcomed the switch to digital by working more and more to digitise all the company’s production processes.

All goods storage activities have been invested by revolution 4.0, not only in the logistical world but also in transport, through the inclusion of processes for tracing the shipment and the digitisation of packing and picking activities within the warehouse, until the management of customer Experience through the exclusive track service of trace & trace service, providing a complete outsourcing service that also involves management of logistics for small or large companies.