The technology for an efficient logistic

Logistics efficiency is the key to making every company really performing, not only because it reduces the timing by making it more reliable in the eyes of the partners but also because it makes to optimise costs as well as reducing environmental impact.

It should be noted that logistics supply chain begins when the order of commodity is carried out and ends with delivery operations, a long journey where different actors are often involved.

In such a complex route, the activities of each individual actor operating in the logistics chain affect all others.

The most inefficient cause of logistics is the failure to align the physical flow of goods with the information flow linked to them.

To solve this problem, the technology which, through organizational tools, catalogue information, allows every element to operate on logistics supply chain to have all the information related to the goods that is called to be handled in real time.

In Smyb, orders are being developed by innovative computer scanners and technologies in order to ensure precision and punctuality. The effectiveness of this system makes it possible to significantly increase the competitive advantage of the company by improving the service offered to the customer.