What is meant by green logistics?

In recent years, companies investing substantial figures are being multiplied to make their activity more sustainable.

Purchase of last generation vehicles, use of recyclable materials, use of energy from sustainable sources are only three of the many actions implemented by logistics companies.

A commitment which aims to neutralize CO2 emissions.

The reduction in emissions in the logistics sector is mainly due to three factors:

  1. the renewal of fleets by new, less polluting and more environmentally friendly means;
  2. the use of new technologies to improve flow planning and to optimise transport;
  3. the collaboration of historical player players with innovative start-up.

The sector’s start-ups are guided by three drivers: digitisation, technology and sustainability, all vital elements for the renewal of the sector.

Sustainable logistics is possible and start-ups are showing the way to this epocal revolution.

Implementing a strategy aimed at achieving real green logistics requires a lot of commitment and careful analysis of the whole chain.

An important step is the optimisation of transport networks and efficient management of the shipping process.

Smyb has implemented strategies to support transformation towards environmental sustainability by supporting the decrease in fossil fuels of policies aimed at reducing environmental impact, increasingly implementing electric vehicles within its fleet and ensuring its own electrical supply by means of a photovoltaic plant installed on buildings rooftops.

Smyb is getting greener!