Ecologistic: time to go!

Having an ecological and sustainable logistical structure today is one of the priorities for those involved in the world B2B. In recent months, the European Union Agenda has also drawn Member States’ attention to the sensitive issue, increasingly encouraging ecological and sustainable initiatives in all areas.

But how can logistics be sustainable and efficient at the same time?

Green logistics must be integrated management of storage and transport logistics and complete control and efficiency of machinery, plant, vehicles, working spaces and generally all supply chain-related assets.

In Smyb we have long been sensitive to this issue and we have been working every day to develop our logistics increasingly by monitoring consumption and analysing energy efficiency and all environmental parameters.

Improving the management of working habitat with a view to environmental sustainability and productive efficiency is a priority for us as well as a major gesture of social responsibility.

Our green vision, together with the sustainable business changes of many other companies, will be able to provide concrete help to improve the future of the environment and the community, in accordance with European legislation and directives.