All of SMYB’s services


fashion service

Do you want to transport items of clothing without risk of ruining them? SMYB is a courier specialising in the transport of garments on hangers.
In the world of fashion, nothing is more important than order and punctuality. Apparel is subject to constant seasonal changes and as such its distribution must be managed in complete syntony with the marketing strategy of the client.
We offer an integrated fashion service, beginning with collection of goods, to the management of warehouses and inventory, and ending with distribution of the finished product.
SMYB provides a complete service in terms of distribution and logistics in this sector, with all deliveries being managed with precision and punctuality.
Garments are handled in specially equipped warehouses with metal garment rails to hang clothing on. Our vehicles are equipped in the same way, guaranteeing that clothing reaches its destination in the same condition in which it left the factory.
Garment transport requires precision and specialisation, and SMYB has this thanks to years of experience in the sector. Advantages of engaging us include:

  • Specially designed warehouses and vehicles
  • Clothing delivered straight to stores in mint condition
  • An integrated fashion service in support of companies in this sector.



SMYB picks up goods today and delivers them tomorrow. We provide personalised express courier services thanks to the widespread distribution network we are part of. This network guarantees transport in every province and provides an efficient and punctual pickup and delivery service. The professionalism of our qualified staff who follow the entire process with great care thanks to a modern and efficient IT platform, permits us to provide satisfaction to all clients who choose us.

What SMYB offers:

  • Express delivery of packages and pallets
  • Goods without weight limits
  • Delivery in 24/48 hours nationwide
  • Track and Trace.


Have you decided to entrust us with your logistics? SMYB will, in addition to ensuring you have space for your goods and managing your warehouse with detailed control over the goods, provide you with packaging services.
By stocking your goods in one of our logistics bases in Salerno, Avellino and Potenza, not only can we manage all of your deliveries, but we can also help you with packaging.
SMYB provides organisation and monitoring of both incoming and outgoing goods. On the basis of your requirements, specialist logistics staff can prepare your cargo for dispatch. You will be the one providing indications and materials to ensure personalised packaging corresponding exactly to your needs.
Thanks to our 4 logistics and micrologistics platforms, we can satisfy the needs of clients who wish to outsource their distribution network.
SMYB will be by your side during all phases of operation in order to provide a precise and punctual service for every delivery.


wine-beverage delivery

Wine transportation is one of SMYB specialities.
Knowledge of the area, which is rich in companies operating in the sector, has led SMYB to specialise in this segment.
Our wine transport service supports all of the phases of the supply chain of the beverage industry, from collection and storage of finished product to dispatch and delivery to the consumer.
Our know-how and our fleet of vehicles allow us to provide a safe and punctual service for a precious product like wine. For years our company has been partner of the “In Vino Civitas” event, in charge of transporting wines from across Italy and supporting the businesses involved before, during and after the expo. This experience has allowed us to become the ideal courier for clients from this sector.

Our service includes:

  • Support along the entire supply chain
  • Ad Hoc packaging
  • Widespread distribution

The fragility of this product has required us to develop a specific packaging product complete with personalisation with the logo of the client. Years of experience have permitted us to identify a functional and aesthetically pleasing package that the client can personalise based on individual needs. The cardboard packaging and solid structure protect the bottles during transport and absorb and eventual falls.
SMYB also guarantees the availability of goods at point of sale/consumption: Specialist shops, Organised Large-Scale distribution, wine bars, restaurants and more. SMYB is also able to manage product distribution to city centres with limited access or sales channels which require appointments to make delivery.
We reach everywhere, and we do it safely!

Green Vision

green vision smyb

SMYB contributes to safeguarding the environment.

An opportunity for the environment, a responsibility for us all

A priority for SMYB is the development of sustainable logistics and distribution, so we are always on the lookout for eco-compatible services and solutions.

For this reason, SMYB has added electric vehicles for goods transport to its fleet. These solutions permit great flexibility, not least because they allow us access to traffic restricted areas or areas temporarily closed to traffic. More importantly, they protect the environment, allowing us to actively contribute to reducing CO2 levels.
We have been continually renewing our fleet for years to keep up with ecological developments. We use Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, which respect the EU emissions standards.
We always choose the most environmentally friendly option for our deliveries and are continually developing new partnerships which permit us to reduce emissions and pollution.